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Since the advent of the Internet, blockchain has been regarded as one of the greatest inventions, allowing the Internet to achieve a great leap from “information” to “value”. ChainLinker Capital believes that blockchain can substantially change many traditional industries in the future, including finance, energy, Internet of Things, as well as all other imaginable industries.

As a company which focuses on investing in the blockchain industry, ChainLinker Capital has been timely following the evolution of the latest global technology trends, exploring projects with good potentials and providing investments and consultative supports for the outstanding start-up teams.

ChainLinker Capital has professionals with long duration of working experience in industries such as blockchain, venture capital, academic/industrial research as well as management. Our team is looking for the most promising projects with high standards and promoting the popularization of blockchain technology through long-term value investing.

ChainLinker Capital’s team members are currently ‘decentralized’ to work across the globe, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles. Our team delivers long-term value investment in high-quality global projects by having our own selection, research, decision-making and risk management systems.

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We want to walk along with partners have the same vision, to explore the new world of blockchain.





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